The following churches exist in Devaia. Some are monotheistic, some are polytheistic.

Church of Jessabra

Alignment - Disputed. Could be LG, LN, or LE, depending on who you talk to.

Information - Jessabra is a diety who preaches obedience, order, community, unity, hard work, and the like. She has a marked distaste of arcane magic, and her followers do not practice it. Her worship began in Talmora, but is most common in Cromora. Her exact opinions on slavery, tyrrany, and witchcraft are disputed, which is the reason her alignment is disputed, and the Jessabran religion has been used to justify the Vendarian witch hunts and slavery.

Domains - Law, Community, Protection, Nobility

Church of Resprin

Alignment - NG

Information - Resprin is a god of knowledge, skill, construction, and good magic.

Resprin has always been revered by those who build, study, or create. He has a great following in the Dwarven communities as a patron of engineers and builders. Dwarven tradition states that the secrets of engineering and stone cutting were given by Resprin to the original tribe of Dwarves so they may build and live in the mountains.

Recently the sages and scholars who study arcane magic have begun a modern renaissance in worship of Resprin. Allowing many to study the arcane arts without completely abandoning religion. This has led to many new churches being created, especially in urban areas, that are seen as centers of learning and scholarship. And while it is still a minor religion, it is growing quickly to the dismay of many followers of Jessabra.

Priests of Resprin are know as sages, teachers, and librarians. All knowledge is sacred to them as is the ability to teach and learn. The favorite pastime of followers of Resprin is debating the merits of some new research, publishing papers on their own research, or lecturing to interested audiences.

While the ritual rites in a church of Resprin are simple and participatory in both chanting and song, the sermon almost always involves some research topic or a visiting scholar speaking about his work.

Domains - Artifice, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Rune