These are the house rules I prefer to use in my Devaia campaigns. Other GMs may use or not use them, as they wish.

The GM will not be referred to as GM. She is referred to as the referee.

Hexblades are allowed as an alternative to the magus.

Thismay be used in place of sneak attack by anybody that the sneak attack class feature. This choice is made at character creation, and cannot be changed.

If you wish to play a gunslinger, play a fighter or use the options in Grit and Gunslingers to replace the stuff from the gunslinger class that Devaia gives all characters.

Paladins may be LG, NG, or CG, and the code of conduct is written by GM and PC conversation, with each paladin having his or her own unique code of conduct.

The cavalier, samurai, and summoner classes are disallowed.

All other CRB, APG, UC, and UM classes are allowed.

The barbarian alternate class ability and monk archetype discussed here are allowed.

From this page, the gun mage, arcane mechanic, engineer base class, and ardwright are allowed. Nothing else on the page is allowed.

From this, the Iron Clad, Bateleur, Rocker, and Growler are allowed. Nothing else in that document is allowed. Iron clads gain the armor bonus listed in their class features, but do not recieve a defense bonus to their defense score. Iron clads are the only people who can wear armor and expect it to protect against bullets.

Aasimar and tieflings are allowed.

Ammunition, food, and water are not tracked unless scarcity is important to the adventure. If I decide to track resources, I will tell you.