<Devnote: Creating an entire world from stratch is not an easy undertaking, and certainly is not something to be done all at once. I'm doing the nations of Devaia one at a time, starting with Cromora and then Minoka, and editing this page as I go along. As such, this page is not complete, and will not be complete for a very long time.>

Devaia is a planet that has roughly the size and climate of Earth. It possesses eight continents, and a technology level dependant on arcane magic and steam power, both of which are relatively new to the world.



-Alderra is the third largest continent on Devaia, and is located in the northern hemisphere. It contains the Royal Republic of Cromora, which takes up most of it's northern regions.


-Minoka is a large group of islands to the west of Alderra, and is the territory of the Minokan Federation.